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乐鱼国际网站 (乐鱼国际网站) is a Place for Employees. Full-time, part-time, faculty or staff, every member of our campus community is welcome for who they are. Our culture supports our mission of student success. To help accomplish this purpose, 乐鱼国际网站 seeks to hire and retain high quality professionals who demonstrate exceptional care, accountability, and results.

乐鱼国际网站 Jobs

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乐鱼国际网站 is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Employer committed to an inclusive hiring process and welcoming of diverse candidates.
乐鱼国际网站 Jobs

New 2 乐鱼国际网站

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New 2 乐鱼国际网站 is designed to introduce new employees to 乐鱼国际网站 and assist new employees with the transition to working in the university environment.
New 2 乐鱼国际网站

Current Employees

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Designed especially for current employees, this section provides resources and information about all things related to work life at 乐鱼国际网站.
Current Employees
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乐鱼国际网站’s commitment to employee health and wellbeing continues to be a top priority, offering quality service and benefits at an affordable cost.

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乐鱼国际网站 maintains a compensation program consistent with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Equal Pay Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act and other federal, state, and university regulations.

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Grow Your Skills

  • Tuition Remission
    乐鱼国际网站 offers employees a financial benefit to aide in their higher education goals.

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  • Professional Development
    乐鱼国际网站 offers a variety of training and professional learning through programs, workshops and online resources.

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We love helping students. 乐鱼国际网站 has provided a framework of values to help employees accomplish this purpose. We believe that we can fulfill this mission best in an environment that allows all individuals to thrive personally and professionally. To this end, 乐鱼国际网站 operates in accordance with three core values: exceptional care, exceptional accountability, and exceptional results.

Hear from Real Employees 

  • "I can honestly say that...when I come to work, I am coming because of the people that I get to work with."

    -Alexis Palmer

  • "I've been able to...achieve things that would not have been possible other places"

    -Janet Colvin

  • "I love that 乐鱼国际网站...does a lot to show faculty and staff that they're appreciated."

    -Nikki Scott


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Equity & Title IX

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Report & Support

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乐鱼国际网站's Workforce by the Numbers:

Forbes 2022 America's Best-in-State Employers Utah

Do you ever wonder about the significance of 乐鱼国际网站's workforce? To answer that question, consider:

  • 乐鱼国际网站 is Orem's largest employer, the third largest employer in Utah County, and the 14th largest employer in the State of Utah.
  • 乐鱼国际网站 awarded top ten on Forbes 2022 Best-in-State Employers list.
  • 乐鱼国际网站's workforce of 5,403 EMPLOYEES includes 2,240 full-time and 3,127 part-time individuals.
  • In November 2022, 乐鱼国际网站 employed 793 full-time faculty, 776 part-time faculty, 1,447 full-time staff, 792 part-time staff, 36 administrators, and 1,559 students.
  • More than 85% of 乐鱼国际网站's $288 million appropriated budget is allocated toward wages and benefits for employees.
  • Indirectly, 乐鱼国际网站 supports an additional 6,724 jobs in its service region.

Sources: 乐鱼国际网站 Human Resources data, Fall 2021; Major Employers -Utah Department of Workforce Services; 乐鱼国际网站 2013-14 Economic Impact

乐鱼国际网站 is a Place for Employees. We provide quality education and quality employment. Our dedication to people — whether they be student, faculty, or staff — shows in our actions and our values.

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